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"a multi-hyphenated talent"

Cari Kabinoff is a Los Angeles based actress, writer, comedian & voice-over artist. 
SOme of the cool stuff she's worked on recently:

She has voiced characters for an upcoming Netflix animated series

Cooked for BuzzFeed’s Cook your Fridge (with over 600K views)

Tweeted for Tig Notaro

Hosts Subtle Unicorn at The Improv in LA

Performed at SLO, Palm Springs, and Ventura Harbor Comedy festivals

Performed at The Comedy Store, Flappers, UCB, Second City, The Actors Company, & The Groundlings

where does she come from?

Growing up in Bakersfield, the daughter of a New York Jew and a British Christian, she learned nothing about either religion, but everything about how you can win over anyone with a great story and impeccable sense of comedic timing.

Cari studied Theatre Dance and Performance Studies at UC Berkeley before moving to LA where she continued honing her love of comedy and drama by studying at The Groundlings and Antaeus Classical Theatre

Cari has always been an admirer of the human condition and loves putting her unapologetically original spin on the world and our humanity through her art.

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